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Fragrances tend to be reminiscent for many people, reminding them of certain memories and it can also spark the feeling of romance and intimacy. If you are spending Valentine's Day at home, a good scent can make a big impact in setting the tone for the evening. In this article, we attempt to help you get ready for the upcoming Valentine's Day.
Pristine Aroma Valentines Day


Picking out the best fragrance to complete your romantic night can be difficult. The key is to select a scent that will help compliment the overall mood and help to bring in a strong, aromatic ambience. Let us guide you in the right direction towards your next scent. Whether it be an in-house Netflix and chill date or a thrilling rom-com movie marathon, soak in some extra scent notes to liven up the mood:


  1. For the cozy vibes, go for the Lavender Reed Diffuser. With its calming floral aroma, tuck yourself in for a nice quiet dinner followed by some netflix and chill. (shop now)


  1. For some delightful vibes, go for the White Freesia Reed Diffuser. Its sweet yet subtle floral scent sets the table for a palatable home cooked meal for your partner. (shop now)


Pristine Valentines Day


  1. For the romantic vibes, go for the Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser. A well-balanced unisex scent with citrus, woody and floral notes that gets the mood going for a romantic night. (shop now)


  1. For the classy vibes, go for the Marriott Reed Diffuser. Its crisp fruity and floral notes sets the ambience of a world class hotel right from the comfort of your living room. (shop now)


Pristine reed diffusers are pragmatic, charming gifts that are guaranteed not to break the bank or the heart. And unlike flowers, they will not wither within days. Win the heart of your significant other with a hand-picked scent from Pristine Aroma. Compliment a classic box of chocolates and an open bottle of wine with an aromatic scent for two.

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Pristine Aroma Valentines Day

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