Inside @jwn_e's Muji Inspired Home

Inside @jwn_e's Muji Inspired Home

Pristine Homes is a blog series dedicated to celebrating unique home décor ideas and interior designs that Singapore has to offer. Living in a land-scarce country, Singaporeans have to think out of the box and be creative about how to best utilize their hdb interior design to enhance their living spaces. We will be featuring some of the best Instagrams for home decor in Singapore and diving into conversations about how they view home fragrances as an essential part of their home decor.

This Pristine Home feature is a minimalist Japanese Muji-like design by Jessica (@jwn_e on Instagram). Read on to understand more about how she styles her home with Pristine.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves? (e.g. what do you do for fun or to relax?)

I work with babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a job that I am passionate about and enjoy. 

Being a coffee lover, on my off days, I relax by going to cafes or enjoying homemade ones with the company of books and my cat. These days I’m into pour-over coffee styles.

Describe to us your home décor style (and your home inspirations)

I love warm and neutral décor styles in the minimalist Japanese concept, which is characterized by clean lines and natural finishes. 

I generally go for wood furniture which gives a cozy and relaxing mood. Many of my inspirations and furniture come from MUJI or Instagram accounts that I follow.

How did you come up with the inspirations before your renovation? How did you pitch to your "ID" your dream house? 

    I didn’t engage with any "ID" as my renovation process was relatively simple and of a small scale. I referenced MUJI articles, as well as referred to social media for ideas on how to design my storage spaces combined with cat-essential furniture for my little one.

    Which is your favorite area of your home and why?

      My favorite area would definitely be my bedroom as it is the most cozy part of the house.

      How do you style your home, and what do you look out for when you buy home décor pieces?

        I try to keep things simple, after all, less is more. When styling my place, I try to match the color palettes and styles of my furniture and décor.

        When it comes to scents, what are some of your favorites?

          One of my go-to scents would be vanilla, a sweet and delicate scent that is always soothing and comforting.

          Depending on my mood, I also like fresh scents, such as blends of herbs and citrus.


          Tell us what you like about Pristine. (any particular scents or aesthetics)

            My favorite Pristine scent would be the English Country Inn which has a sweet floral scent that I always appreciate. I especially love how their Reed Diffusers have a long-lasting scent even after putting them out for weeks, unlike some other brands which I have tried. 
            I also love the aesthetic of their Candle Warmer which easily blends into my current interior. It is also easy to use and the dial knob makes it convenient as well.

            Tell us how you use Pristine (e.g. which scents/products are better for which rooms)

              I do not have a specific preference as to which rooms should have a certain type of smell. I have a few favorites and simply decide as and when.  I use the Room Spray after cleaning up my cat's litter area or when I simply want a nice aroma while I work.
              The Reed diffusers are placed in the toilet and storage shelving.
              And the Aroma Concentrates are usually used when I am hosting friends or family at my place.

              For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head on to Jessica's instagram page.

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