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Pristine Aroma
The word “Pristine” means to be in an original state, untouched & unspoilt
Often times, our lives are drowned out by the noise in this world - constant exposure to social media, work stress etc - this creates stress & anxiety.
At Pristine, our mission is to induce rejuvenation through aromatherapy. To restore you back to your “pristine” condition - where you can take on every new day refreshed with the clearest state of mind.
This is what the #pristinelife is all about.
Come home to Pristine Aroma.
Pristine Aroma Reed Diffuser
Reed diffusers provide an environment of rustic sensibilities and gradually fills the air with a subtle and long lasting aroma. With the dual benefit as a neat decor piece and aroma diffuser, it is an easy way to fine-tune your home.
Our scents are curated for the everyday city dweller. The Pristine garden scents are inspired by the nature around us while the Pristine hotel scents are inspired by world-class hotels. Last but not least, The Pristine signature scents are inspired for a rejuvenating #pristinelife. 🌿
Each scent uses a different combination of essential oils and fragrances to provide a unique experience and reduce anxiety through aromatherapy. Our diffusers use a high intensity of essential fragrance oils for a longer-lasting scent.
The result is a well crafted scent with different top, middle & base notes. 
 Pristine Aroma Story