How to open the Reed Diffusers?

Our Reed Diffusers are tightly sealed so as to prevent leakage during delivery, but we understand that it may be tricky to open so here are some tips~

50ml bottles: Use a tablespoon and prop it at an angle to flick the plastic stopper out, then remove it and place the reeds in to enjoy.
180ml/350ml bottles: You'll just need to pull it like a wine bottle with your hands, and place the reeds in to enjoy.

You may also read our guide on how to use reed diffusers.


How long does your scents last?

A 50ml bottle typically last 4-6 Weeks - New to Pristine? Try this.
A 180ml bottle typically last 3-4 Months - Perfect size for a gift.
A 350ml bottle typically last 4-6 Months - Most value for money.


How to control the intensity of the scent?

More reeds = more intense scent
Less reeds = less intense scent
Flip the reeds when required.

Flip the reeds every 12 hours for maximum scent diffusion.


We want to sample the scents, do you have a physical store?

We currently only have an online store. We recommend buying a small bottle first to try out the different scents before committing to a larger quantity.


Where are your scents made in?

Our scents are designed in Singapore.


What are your return/refund policies?

We accept returns within 7 days of shipment. Reed diffuser boxes should be un-opened and un-damaged.