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Pristine's 3 Step Guide To Better Sleep

Having Trouble Sleeping?

1) Turn Off Your Screens

Research shows that blue light emissions from your screens are boosting your body's alertness.

1 hour before your planned bedtime, turn off all screens and white light. Instead, get some warm light from a candle or candle warmer lamp.

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2) Use A Room Spray

Scents affect our mood - smelling a pot of curry makes us hungry and likewise, smelling a comforting scent can put us in a familiar sleepy mood.

Room sprays are perfect for activating a bed-time mood. Simply spray as a pillow mist or on your bedding and linens.

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3) Humidifying Your Room

Many of us sleep in air-conditioned rooms, where the air can get very dry putting us in an uncomfortable environment to fall asleep.

Using a humidifier with sleep scents can help to balance out the drying effect of the air conditioner.

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