Find "Rest" In Your Restroom

Find Rejuvenation Whether You Are Lounging In A Hot Bath Or Removing Odors From Your Bathroom.

Pristine's 3 Step Guide To Bathroom Scents

Keeping Fresh & Relaxed

1) Eliminate Poo Odors

Odors from poo may be off-putting for the next person who uses the bathroom. Ideally, a strong scent that can be activated after a poo session can help eliminate such odors.

We recommend using a room spray. 2-3 sprays after a poo session will do the job.

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2) For Hot Showers

Imagine coming home during a cold & rainy day. A hot shower or bath is the perfect way to end the day.

Put on some lo-fi music accompanied with a scented candle burning in the background for peak relaxation.

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3) Citrus Scents

We associate citrus with freshness hence the scents we recommend for bathrooms typically contain citrus notes.

Consider these citrus-based scents for your bathroom - Himalayan Tea, English Country Inn & Swiss Chateau.

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