Make Your Bathroom A Luxury Spa

  • Want to eliminate bad odours after doing your "big business"
  • Or want to create a relaxing ambience to wind down after a long day?
  • Uncover the secrets that 5-star hotels use to make their bathrooms feel like a luxury spa.

Learn The Secrets Of 5-Star Hotels Below:

5-Star Hotel Bathroom Secrets

A Luxury Spa In Your Bathroom

1) Eliminate Poo Odors

Have you noticed how hotel maids always have a bottle of fragrance sprays in their room service carts?

This is their secret weapon to eliminating odours after their guests have done their "morning routines".

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2) Create A Luxe Ambience

If you ever walked into a hotel spa, you would always notice the flickering of a candle flame under dim lighting.

5-star hotel spa managers know that setting the right mood is important to enable relaxation for their guests.

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3) Choose A Citrus Scent

Most hotel spa managers select lemongrass as their scent of choice, due to its fresh citrus notes and calming properties.

You may also consider citrus scents for your bathroom - Himalayan Tea, English Country Inn or Pristine's Lemongrass scent below:

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