Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser Benefits

Pristine's Lavender fragrance diffusers are very popular amongst homes in Singapore as many people face high stress from work and are seeking means to have better quality sleep at night. Lavender essential oils are extracted from the lavender flower which has slightly herbal smell to it.

In this article, we will explain some of the benefits of using lavender essential oils and fragrances:

1) A Tool For Relaxation

Lavender essential oils are commonly used for massage and aromatherapy as it is known to be relaxing and has calming properties. When used in a diffuser, lavender fragrances can help to reduce stress and anxiety, making it the perfect aroma for taking a long bath or studying.

Research shows that lavender essential oils can help reduce signs of depression and diffusing lavender oils can help improve mental wellness.

2) Sleep Quality Improvement

A strong lavender diffuser blend can be useful in aiding better sleep. We recommend placing a lavender scent diffuser by the bedside table to help create a relaxing environment to improve the quality of your sleep.

Lavender essential oils are also known for pain and anxiety relief. Diffusing lavender fragrance may be helpful to reduce the severity and frequency of headaches.

3) Perfectly Safe For Dogs and Cats

Pristine essential oil diffusers are safe for pet-inhalation. However, do practice caution in preventing your pets from touching or consuming the fragrance oils.

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