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Great For Use At Home Or On The Go.

Why Use Pristine Aroma Concentrates?

How Do I Use A Reed Diffuser | Reed Diffuser

A Portable Fragrance

Each aroma concentrate comes in a 10ml leak-proof bottle.

Compact and lightweight to bring your favorite's Pristine scent wherever you go.

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Compatible With Other Humidifiers

Pristine aroma concentrates are compatible with other brands of humidifiers.

Also works well with crystals and other water-based diffusers.

Essential Oils And Reed Diffusers | Aroma Diffuser

A Better Quality Product

Pristine aroma concentrates have a higher concentration of essential oils and fragrances for a long-lasting natural scent.

Simply drip 3-4 drops of concentrate per 100ml for a strong fragrance.

"Scents From Pristine makes you feel like you're on vacation at home.."

"Step one to making your home smell like a high end hotel.."

"Reader's Choice - Best Health & Wellness Aromatherapy Award"

"My home smells like a 5-star resort thank to this.."