Wax Melt 4-Pack + Ceramic Burner Set

$39.90 $39.90

Wax Melt Garden Series 4-Pack + Ceramic Burner Set

Consists of 4 wax melt garden series scents (70g) from Pristine:

1) Cilantro With A Hint Of Lemon

2) Lavender With A Hint Of Eucalyptus

3) Lime With A Hint Of Coconut

4) Pumpkin With A Hint Of Vanilla

Pristine Wax Melts are made of palm and soy wax for a clean, environmentally friendly scent. For use with any flameless candle warmers or wax burners.

Comes with a beautifully crafted ceramic wax-melt burner set.


  • Break off any number of wax melt cubes 
  • Option to mix with different scented wax melt cubes based on personal preference
  • Melt wax cubes with any flameless candle warmers or wax burners